About Anna-Lena Vikström

Author, traditional swedish clairvoyant, psychic reader and Reiki Grand Master

founder of  AlphaOmega reiki and the swedish reiki Reikiorganisation

I was born behind mountains in Lapland, in the north of Sweden. There was the old culture still alive, and I felt a friendship with the nature and the Life Spirit as I heaven´t if I grown up in a city. My background has helped me when I now are working fulltime as Reiki teacher, Reikihealer, clairvoyant and are painting the human aura.

I became "famous" when a big newspaper wrote about me and ability to find lost things and see over distance. Many newspaper wrote more about this, and to me are people calling all over Sweden and also Norway and Finland when they need help to find lost animals or peoples. But mostly peoples ask for their own future.

Since I was child I have seenthe aura - the energy around people. I see it in several levels, all vith their own facts and information about the human.

But... I realy didn´t want to be a fortuneteller or healer - I only wanted became a psychotherapiest! So, I have been working as a teacher before, in Signlanguage, painting and I have also worked in the church as a social worker.

When I studied Reiki the first time I felt that everyone need to know this healing art on a natural way. I wanted to share it with lower prizes than usually, and with a open mind. In my courses nothing is held secret.

I am trawelling around Sweden and I really like my work! I can now teach people how to find back to their inner force. I has also worked with fortune telling on my holiday trip to Malaysia. It was wonderful knowing people in a so far part of the world, seeing their dreams and inner wishes.

My work with Reiki:

For ten years I have been teaching Reiki.
I want to discard the ability charge a lot of money on teach healing. Therefore I teach Karuna Reiki for free. Karuna Reiki is wery easy to teach and learn, if you already know about how use symbols for healing.

I have written 3 books about reiki. The first Degree handbook, Reiki, A Complete handbook with all atunements and symbols, and the reiki Second Degree handbook where you can read over 100 different ways to use distant healing. This book will be translated to english.


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